Daddy’s Night 2012

My daddy’s name is Larry. Mom didn’t tell me how old he is. I think maybe 30. He has skin like me and his eyes are the same color as his hair…brown. He worked at the blue place and now he moved to a new one. His bosses name is Matt and he’s the one that tells him what to do. He goes on his computer and give things to people. At home he cooks eggs for me and Caleb and Camden. His favorite thing to eat is chili and broccoli and he likes crackers and cheese on his chili. Sometimes daddy watches sports on T.V. I think his favorite team is the Cubs. I like to play Gooey Goo with my dad. He’s always the monster. Sometimes he picks me upside down and he talks silly. It’s funny!!! My daddy is special because I love him and he plays with me and laughs with me! ¬†Emma, age 4


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